701 Building in Minneapolis

Photo of 701 Building in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz/Artefaqs Corporation
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701 Building
Formerly:Craig Hallum Building

701 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Downtown Minneapolis 55415
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It's not the tallest building in Minneapolis, but it makes its presence felt. The 701 Building is a sturdy hexagonal glass knob that uses its good looks to make up for its diminutive stature. The building has a number of interesting angles that work well with its reflective glass facade. The reflections highlight architectural details from both the building, itself, and from neighboring buildings to increase its visual interest. The glass ends before the structural elements do, and the result is a large framework at the top of the building surrounding what might otherwise pass for a dome. Interestingly, they look like oversized hand rails, which is appropriate since the building features several balconies.

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