Twin Cities Architecture

Duluth Public Schools Central Administration Building

Formerly known as Duluth Central High School
215 North First Avenue East
Duluth, Minnesota
Basic Information
Designed by Emmett S. Palmer, and Lucian P. Hall
Cost $460,000
Type Educational Facility
Maximum height 230 feet/69 meters
More Information
  • The school once had a six-ton 17-foot-long cannon, a relic from the Spanish-American war. It was melted down during the second World War.
  • The cornerstone contains a time capsule with newspaper clippings from 1891.
  • The school had its own creamery and greenhouse. The creamery sold its goods to local grocery stores. The greenhouse was torn down to make room for bus parking.
  • The gargoyles and other details are the work of George Tharna.
  • The school is made of locally mined brownstone.
  • On winter days, the school would burn up to eight tons of coal in its boilers.
  • The clock faces have a diameter of 10'6".
  • The clock has E. Howard & Co., Boston cast into its works.