Twin Cities Architecture

Foshay Tower

Also known as
W Minneapolis - The Foshay
821 Marquette
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
Basic Information
Designed by Migney and Tusler
Cost $3,700,000.00
Floors: 32
Maximum height 447 feet/134 meters
Neighborhood: Downtown Minneapolis
More Information
  • Hotel rooms: 229
  • Security guards report seeing an apparition in the form of a man's shadow that darts around corners. It is unknown if this is the ghost of Wilbur Foshay.
  • Sometimes the elevator that goes to the 30th floor will stop on its own. People joke that it is the ghost of Wilbur Foshay getting on.
  • 1977: Foshay Tower is added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • August 13, 2008: The "W Minneapolis - The Foshay" hotel opens inside the Foshay tower.